Prep Your Rooms With Color for the "Light Challenged" Months of the Year!

While warm autumn days and that splendid quality of dusky light make Fall one of the favorite times of year, they also herald diminishing hours of daylight, and the inevitable entry of cooler weather. No matter where you live, the seasonal change is good cause to look indoors, and perhaps compensate for the color and light we'll be missing when father Winter arrives!

Wouldn't it be marvelous to be able to freshen your existing surroundings, to make them brighter and renewed, without changing everything? How nice it would be to enter the holiday season and New Year in brighter, more beautiful surroundings! The best and most valued-added way to do it is with new custom window fashions that bring color, controlled light, and possibly even energy dollar savings, into your home!

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Add color. Save money!

With notions of entertaining friends and family, and for the comfort and pleasure of the people who live in your home, custom window fashions enhance life in so many ways. The sun drops lower in the sky at this time of year, and too much direct sunlight can pour in through your windows, and make things less than comfortable for you AND damage your interior with fading. I can show you ways to control that light with new layered window treatments, and can even add levels of protection and heat loss abatement to your existing treatments with some amazing and beautiful products you are probably not yet aware of. So many great products and creative ideas can be added at your windows to bring a whole new life to any room!

Some of the more technologically advanced new products have miraculous coatings that reflect the hard side light of winter AND summer, and in doing that help control heating and cooling dollars that are affected by your windows. New cellular technology in thermal blinds blows away the visual clunkiness once associated with them, and provides maximum economy with energy savings. I have loads of fresh and innovative ways to update, upgrade and uplift the rooms of your home, and would love to share them with you anytime... even today! I work with YOUR budget, and can help you plan for a staged full makeover, or just complete one single window for you, as needed!

Prep with an Experienced Professional!

As an experienced professional, I am in the position to know about all the best products available at this special time of year. I bring with me a wealth of ideas, products and experience no single store can match... and I bring it all right to you, in YOUR home, where you'll be able to envision everything together, where it will be seen after professional installation. I also always know what's available at special prices, and will be glad to tell you about only the best values within your budget. Call me today and let's start saving money right away!

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