Big Style for Big Windows and Doors with Windows Fashions that WORK!

It seems every house or home now has large or oversized windows that are intended to include views of the entire great outdoors into our rooms. They make rooms feel more spacious, and allow us immediate access to the outside world just by looking out. They also provided us with decor issues and opportunities to make bold and beautiful visual statements, and are a great location to start looking at ways to save energy dollars in heating and cooling loss abatement. Window fashions can do both, and I'd love to show you how!

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Phenomenal beauty and light control.

It would be a shame to have to cover up all that outdoor light, but how can you control the damage to your interiors AND your energy budget that all that sunlight can cause? A sheer layer, whether custom sheer draperies, or one of the marvelous vaned dual-layer sheer products available is a big step forward. A layer of woven and coated screen shadings will protect your views out, and with innovative coatings that reflect heat and light, can really help do the trick.

These and other wonderful window solutions can be customized with fastening options that allow them to be used in previously difficult locations, like large sliders, french doors that are opened and closed often, and even on smaller windows and doors so that you can unify the look of your windows within a given space.

Soft, medium & hard treatments, unite!

This is truly the best way to have total control of your room lighting, and can be the focal point of your room décor. Whether you have soaring flat glass or multi-paned windows, or broad horizontal expanses of window, a gorgeous custom drapery treatment frames the view out, and compliments the room within. Add a sheer layer, or screen shadings or blinds for a crisp and tailored look that brings additional light and energy control. Another option is shutters, which now come in so many styles and technologies that you will want to consult an expert before settling on one. And that's where I come in!

I'm Ready to Help You!

As an experienced professional, I am in the position to know about all the best products available for every window treatment need. I bring with me a wealth of ideas, products and experience no single store can match... and I bring it all right to you, in YOUR home, where you'll be able to envision everything together, where it will be seen after professional installation. I work within YOUR budget, and can recommend alternatives and long-range staging plans so you needn't do everything at once... and still enjoy beautiful new windows! Give me a call today, and we'll get started!

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