How I can help you
stay cool this summer!

Wasn't it just yesterday we were thinking about how we wanted to keep cold air out and warm air in? Energy dollars were flying out the seams and gaps in our windows, and nothing could stop it... that is, not until we consider one of the very best ways to keep our energy costs down: window fashions designed to control indoor temperatures. The same thing holds true in summer. Keeping cool air in, warm and hot air out, and controlling the kind of light that enters your rooms is as simple as making certain the new window fashions you choose have higher thermal properties than a single layer of fabric, metal, wood or other material. Custom window fashions designed to do what you need them to, while saving you in energy costs, are the best, brightest and most beautiful solution to heating/cooling loss through your windows!

Beautiful innovations and
gorgeous technology.

Today there are so many ways to control "energy loss" beautifully that we can only cover a few here. Often the easiest way to gain some benefit is to control the total amount of light that enters a room, and reduce the color-damaging UV rays that come in with it. Gorgeous new innovations in cellular shadings with high thermal ratings from several manufacturers have made these window fashions into practical art for living, with some providing a high degree of outdoor view even when closed. Still other makers take the "green" approach to new and higher levels, reducing energy waste by up to ninety percent! And don't think these technical attibutes make for unattractive presentation... you'll be stunned by the tailored beauty we can create by using these cash-saving options effectively!

One window or a houseful...

That's just the beginning! There are fabrics and coatings that repel sunlight, and new, man-made materials that make keeping rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter a matter of course. I have literally hundreds of beautiful custom window fashion solutions for any and all rooms of your home, since energy loss is likely to be different from one zone of your home to another. Together, we can coordinate them all, or solve one single window dilemma at a time. Regardless, working with a professional like me will save you time, effort and trouble, and save you money in so many ways. I will work within YOUR budget, and provide you with the most beautiful custom window fashions available, made just for you! Call me today for a free, at-home consultation!

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