When a Bathroom Becomes
Something Much More!

Never before have we been so interested in making these long-overlooked spaces in our homes into something higher: places to be decorated and enjoyed like any other part of the home, with amenities that make us feel pampered, invigorated, and even more relaxed. Today we pay a lot more attention to the materials we choose in creating these personalized spaces than ever before, and the window areas should be no exception! What could be nicer than custom window fashions that provide the correct privacy, are durable, practical and beautiful, set the mood by controlling natural light, and add polish to whatever decor theme you desire?

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Zen spa calm, or edgy contemporary... there are no limits when you look to your windows!

Want a bathroom that makes you feel elevated somehow when you bathe... more focused and less stressed? How about one that reminds you of a tuscan villa you once dreamt of, with a remarkable quality of indirect light that filters through one small window. Or one filled with the dappled light of late summer all year long, yet totally private. I can show you so many ways to create the ambiance you're looking for, and so many variations and styles that are particularly beautiful and practical for use in bathrooms. Just call me, we'll get started with a free in-home consultation, and I'll show what the beauty of custom window fashions can do to enhance your bathrooms!

One window or a houseful...

Plantation shutters can make a bathroom feel glamorous, woven shadings made from a number of gorgeous materials add texture and warmth, and fabric vanes suspended between sheer layers create blinds and shadings that speak of softness and privacy, vertically or horizontally. Bring colors and patterns into the mix, and you have every opportunity to obtain the ambiance you hope for. I know so many ways to combine window decor with existing or new room styles, and will make the experience of change one you will enjoy. Working with a professional like me will save you time, effort and trouble, and save you money. I will work within YOUR budget, and provide you with the most beautiful custom window fashions available, made just for you! Call me today for a free, at-home consultation!

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