New Outlook!

No matter where we live, February brings us to the heart of winter... and pulses quicken with the hope of early spring just around the corner. Home is where we keep safe and warm, so why not look indoors to let the sun shine in, with an updated outlook in window treatment and room design!

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Even in winter, the outlook for "home" is bright and sunny!

Now that madness of holiday preparations are behind us, "home" returns as the focus of everyday living. The New Year brought with it optimism and planning for the future, possibly with practical improvements that help create a comfortable and beautiful home for yourself and family. So many possibilities exist to update, redo, and makeover that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Why not let an experienced professional who knows how to help you get started be your guide to a more beautiful home. I can help you with a professional's perspective on what, when and how much actually needs to be done to achieve the décor goals you have, bring knowledge, ideas and technology to help make it happen, and work within your budget, too! The sunshine outside is still free... letting it in to warm your everyday life the best way possible is why I'd love to help you do that!

Fabrics and colors... blinds, shutters or shades...

Window treatments are among the highest-valued of home improvements for a reason. All alone, they can radically change the look and feel of any space in your home, and bring added warmth to the feel of your rooms. They can even save you in energy costs with just a little bit of planning. Nothing you can buy off the shelf can capture the custom-tailored look, feeling of luxury (whether costly or not!), and sense of appropriate scale in design that window fashions and details created just for you will. I can bring you a single décor idea, or rooms-full of products and styles you'll love. Call me today, or tomorrow for sure, for a no-cost consultation right in your home.

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