Back-to-School Time! Add Personality and Privacy with New Window Fashions for the Young Ones!

Now is the perfect time to update your kids' rooms, just as they're headed back to school... and brighten their environment for when they get home. What could be better than a comfortable and great looking room your kids will actually WANT to hang out in, study in, and return to after long days, quarters and semesters at school? Why not make their rooms special with custom window fashions we can design together just for them... setting a theme that says as much about their personality as it does about your care and good taste. What kid doesn't love a little extra privacy? New window fashions can provide that valuable commodity, too!

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Blue is for Boys...

But it may not be for young men! Pink is wonderful, but at some point, girls grow out of that, too. When you make a décor change with window fashions, you aren't limited by any one color, style or texture, and you don't even have to change anything else in the room to make a major style shift. If Junior's room is still blue, and his window treatments have seen better days, why not look to what's happening in bold geometric prints? How about crisp cellular or louvered shades or blinds in a contrasting color or texture to bring "POP" to his environment? Thinking pink, there are loads of hot, contemporary styles and colors (like bright yellow, orange and even aqua or brown) that can update a girl's pink room, and bring her private hangout into today by making it "her own" current style, where she'll feel great and can "be herself"!

Rooms they will love living in!

Creating a place where your kids really want to study may seem an improbable task, but if they aren't comfortable where they do their schoolwork, it will show. At the very least, it should be a place where they feel at ease, one that has some of their own tastes and interests incorporated. It's important to be certain they get enough light, both natural from the windows and from other light sources as well. As they grow and mature, their personal space becomes a much more important part of the place they call home, and can be a spot where they feel the safety and comfort you always try to create for your whole family. Let's freshen your home with the kids' rooms in mind. I have a terrific array of ideas and products in every price range to make this happen, and will be happy to work within your budget to help you make your family's rooms new again with window fashions. Call me today and we'll get started!

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